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This is a faithful man, Jeff puts his hands to the plow and dosenot look back. He is a man of the word, he knows the word, he studies the word,he meditates on the word, and he memorized the word. The most important heknows the God of the word.

Jeff disciples me, he speaks into mylife with fresh revelation. He always has a Spiritual nugget to share. He lovesme unconditionally even when we see differently in doctrines. Respects me forwho God has made me to be.

Jeff is a peace maker.He lives in humility and He is so humble that he would never Glory for the insite that God has given him. He fears God and is a man of holiness and is abovereproach.

Jeff is a manintegrity and character, his words are treasured and are sound in speech. Thatmeans he speaks from the heart and tells the truth.

Jeff is called todefend the Fatherless and to recuse the pre born. He has a special place in thekingdom of God. A very unique call in a field of ministry only he can see. Hestands before the death camps of the abortion clinic.

There are few real men like Jeff andI am honored to be his friend. We will know and be with each other througheternity. For our relationship is eternal.

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