Preacher JK

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This is my good friend. A loyal, dependable, trust worthy, faithful man of God. This is a man above reproach. He practice what he preaches, He lives a holy life, he fears God and keeps his commandments. He is creative, a critical thinker, detailed in life, a man of order, tells you what he thinks, loves his wife, provides her need spiritually, physically, financially. He is a good Stewart of what God has given him. He is an incredible teacher and has a tender heart. Crystal a little to much, but his heart is real. I know because he works next to me everyday Monday Thor Friday. He preaches with me on the weekends. His life is before my eyes. His light so shines that he glorify his Father in heaven. We don’t even think the same in doctrines, yes we agree on the foundation of Christianity, but have differences of thoughts of the deeper things. We believe God is the one how is at work in both of us as he conforms us into his image. I am blessed to have this man of God as my brother and friend. A true man of God.

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